What is UFO?

Art and technology. Urban innovation and digital world. UFO - Urban Flying Opera - speaks many languages. It all started from a question: "How can we use technology, and in particular drones, to make our cities more beautiful and creative?"

To answer this question, we have created a project open to anybody: a collaborative artistic initiative, never seen before on the international stage.

UFO employs drones to generate culture, civic participation and urban innovation. It is a technologic and artistic project that allowed to realize in Turin, for the first time ever, a very big artwork, totally painted by a fleet of lightweight automatic flying drones, equipped with spray cans.

The drawing is the conclusion of an ambitious innovation project and has been painted during the Italian Tech Week, on June 25th and 26th 2019, in Parco Peccei, Turin, on a 10 x 14 meters canvas.

Through the UFO app, anyone has been able to share his/her own drawing about the theme "Design the City". The drawings have been then collected by a group of curators and the most beautiful ones created a giant collective artwork.

If you are in love with your city, if you are fascinated by drones, if you are curious about technology novelties, or if you just fancy the idea of being part of this collective experiment, join the UFO community!

What does UFO mean?

UFO is an acronym for Urban Flying Opera.

Urban because this project takes place in the city

Flying because the drones are ready to fly

Opera because a giant artwork has been created: a collective artwork open to everyone



For the first time in the world, UFO demonstrated a system that allows a fleet of automatic flying drones to perform actions with extreme precision. In this case drones have drawn on a vertical surface.

Highly innovative technological systems have been developed for the event, including the flight management platform and the high precision localization system based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology.

The solution allows the automatic flight of drones in different environments (indoor/outdoor) and the management of fleets with a precision below 5 cm.

The technology used to implement the system can be applied to several applications where fleets of automatic flying drones move and act with high precision, like for instance: warehouse logistics, precision agriculture, critical plants or infrastructures surveillance, maintenance or inspection of buildings or cultural heritage sites.