What is UFO?

Art and technology. Urban innovation and digital world. UFO - Urban Flying Opera - speaks many languages. It all started from a question: How can we use technology, and in particular drones, to make our cities more beautiful and creative? In order to answer this question, we have created a project open to anybody: a collaborative artistic initiative, never seen before on the international stage.

Through the UFO app, anyone will be able to share his/her own drawing about “Design the City”. The drawings will be then collected by a group of curtators and the most beautiful ones will create a giant collective artwork. A fleet of drones will lift off in one of Turin’s squares to create an open-to-the-public canvas: The result of people’s creativity.

If you are in love with your city, if you are fascinated by drones, if you are curious about technology novelties, or if you just fancy the idea of being part of this collective experiment, join the UFO community!

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What does UFO mean?

UFO is an acronym for Urban Flying Opera.

Urban because this project takes place in the city

Flying because the drones are ready to fly

Opera because a giant artwork will be created: a collective artwork open to everyone

How to draw?

UFO is a project open to everyone. You do not have to be an artist in order to participate. Anyone can give his/her contribution: the app makes everything simple.

What to draw?

UFO is collecting drawings from all over the world. There are no many rules to follow, but only three simple guidelines:

THE TOPIC “Design the City”. UFO is a city-based project. This is the reason why we would like you to draw an image that meets the topic “Design the City”. How do you see or imagine your city or any city in the world? What do you love, desire, or how you would like your city to look like? There are no limits to your imagination!

THE SPACE Use the UFO app to draw. You have 10 meters of paint of only one color at your disposal. Choose your favorite color among Cyan, Yellow, Red, and Key.

RULES OF CONDUCT: You can draw whatever you want, as long as it responds to the “Design the City” topic. It is forbidden to draw insults, offensive, racist, or violent content.

What does it happen after submitting the draw?

All the drawings will be analysed by a group of artistic curators, who will choose the best contributions to create the final artwork. A fleet of drones will then paint the definite artwork during a public event in Turin.


For the first time in the world, a fleet of drones will be used to create a collective artwork. It will be a technological challenge! Follow our drones’ tests on the UFO Facebook and Instagram pages.