UFO - Urban Flying Opera is a project stemming from a collaboration among institutions, companies and research centres with complementary mission, know-hows, and competences.

UFO aims to create a new model for cultural development and urban innovation.

The Compagnia di San Paolo is one of the biggest private foundations in Europe. Founded in 1563, the Compagnia pursues socially useful objectives in order to promote cultural, civil and economic development within the communities it operates, to achieve goals of public interest and utility. Through the promotion of UFO - Urban Flying Opera project, the Compagnia di San Paolo gives its resources and competencies to support the use of innovative digital technologies in fields of artistic production - so to promote the emergence of new professionalisms and the progress of the traditional ones. To the Compagnia di San Paolo, investing in UFO project means to stimulate the development of production and cultural innovation, promoting new behaviors and know-how - so to support creativity and new business models.

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Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) is an international design and innovation office based in Turin, Italy, with branches in New York and London. Drawing on Carlo Ratti’s research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the office is currently involved in many projects, embracing every scale of intervention - from furniture to urban planning. The work of the practice merges design with cutting-edge digital technologies, so as to contribute to the creation of an architecture “that senses and responds”. CRA has created the UFO - Urban Flying Opera concept and it is the curator for the project.

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LINKS Foundation, a central node of the Turin innovation ecosystem, operates in a consolidated international network with the aim of contributing to technological and scientific progress through cutting edge applied research projects. Partner of excellence for public and private organizations that want to promote projects of technological innovation and territorial development, LINKS stands out for the high competence and multidisciplinarity of human capital, the real beating heart of the Foundation. LINKS, in addition to coordinating the project, will also make provide its expertise on hybrid and cooperative localization systems, which will allow drones to move with precision.

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Tsuru Robotics is an international R&D bureau focused on deeptech full-stack robotics and drone development. Tsuru Robotics develops vertically integrated robotic systems from scratch, including PCB, software and mechanical design. Since its foundation in 2015 Tsuru Robotics accomplished more than 25 unique projects and delivered more than 300 robotic systems to clients around the globe. Tsuru Robotics provides custom-designed drone graffiti system, including drones and spraying system, swarm management and image preparation software. Special attention is paid to multi-drone management and swarm behavior, which over the years became the key intellectual property of Tsuru.

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