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Can you imagine a fleet of drones lifting off and painting your city? It happened in Turin in June 2019, when a swarm of 4 intelligent drones painted a collective artwork, gathering the contributions of people from all over the world. The artwork is the sum of the contributions about the theme "Design the city", collected through a web app on the UFO web site.

UFO came to life in the form of a "urban prototype" on June 25th and 26th 2019 at Parco Aurelio Peccei, Turin, Italy (Image credit @Andrea Guermani)

In January 2018 the community was invited to leave a drawing on a web platform

From March to April 2018, UFO curators selected the best drawings to create a collaborative piece of art

A fleet of drones executed the artwork in June 2019

The original canvas painted during the event is now exposed at LINKS Foundation, in Turin. Come to Turin to see the artwork and to meet the flying artists which realized the first Urban Flying Opera ever.
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